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why buy organic?
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Microwaved Foods
Microwave ovens are one of the most common appliances in modern kitchens. The way they actually cook food, however, remains a mystery to many. Accidentally discovered in the 1940s as an offshoot of military radar technology, microwave ovens use radio waves to heat food from the inside out. These waves increase the vibrational rate of water and food molecules, which in turn generates heat that cooks the food.

Research has shown that microwave cooking alters the molecular structure of food. Studies have also shown that eating microwaved food may promote harmful changes in blood composition. It’s a well-known precaution that you should avoid standing in front of microwave ovens while in use, due to the possible effects of the emitting waves. Little regard, however, is given to the effects these waves may have on the foods placed inside of them.

And you may be thinking…yes, but microwaves are so easy and convenient! There’s no question about it; they’re about as easy and convenient as it gets. This degree of convenience, however, often breeds unhealthy dietary choices. Leftovers, along with instant and pre-cooked foods, are the tamasic staples of microwave cuisine. Instead of relying on your microwave, we encourage you to engage in the cooking process. The preparation of vibrant food is an act of loving creation. Regarding microwaves and any other enticing technology that comes along, just remember that it’s best to keep things as natural as possible.

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